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          Love Changes Things…Even in the World of Politics


Can this be true in a world where corporations rule politics, and money is concentrated more and more in the hands of a wealthy few? Read this powerful story to learn how love changed what seemed impossible to change: the escalating nuclear arms race.

Love Changes Things is the story of ending nuclear test explosions in the Nevada desert and in the Soviet Union--one of the most significant political successes of our time. Millions of people helped make it happen, but it was love that made the difference. Guided by Spirit, Caroline was instructed to love unconditionally everyone she worked with. This included members of the U.S. Congress and their staffs, Soviet officials, vice presidents of the USSR and the US, leaders of non-governmental organizations, and others. The results of taking love into every meeting, every letter, and every phone call were astonishing and profound.

This is a story worth hearing, worth considering and remembering–-a true story that answers the question, “What can one person do?”

Readers comment . . .

“I so appreciate this wonderful work to end testing worldwide and the author’s consistent service and expertise in all that she does. What a remarkable journey and incredible impact that has changed the lives of millions worldwide and for future generations.”               Angeles Arrien, author of Fourfold Way

“Caroline’s story is transformational. She skillfully weaves her personal life and her professional life into a narrative that is difficult to put down.” 

                                     Annie Ballance, Educational Consultant

Love Changes Things contributes powerfully to transforming our world from power-based to love.”                                                                           Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now

“In the spiritual tradition of the world’s greatest social changers, the author takes the uncommon approach of reaching out, listening to, educating, and seeking to befriend and, yes, even unconditionally loving, those hated or not understood–political leaders, head of corporations, religious extremists, and everyone else.”                               

                                       Cora Wiser, Environmental Activist

“Caroline models the courage that is needed these days to change things around, the courage to speak the truth at all costs. She made me feel I could be strong in that same way.”                                                        Veronica Pelicaric, Pace e Bene

                                    Nonviolence Service, Montreal, Canada

Love Changes Things is available from Caroline at

Priced at $18.95; available from Caroline for $18.00.

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