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                                            WRITING CONSULTATION



As a writing consultant, I assist others in creating and presenting their written material. This includes conception, research, developmental editing (significant restructuring of a manuscript’s discourse), and line editing for grammar, spelling, and word use. My line editing follows The Chicago Manual of Style.


I work with writers of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. I have assisted clients with their non-fiction books, journal articles, op-eds, personal essays, memoirs, poems, short stories, and novels.


How I Work

In an initial 20-to-30-minute phone call, we will discuss your project and my proposal for how we might begin. I do not charge for the phone call. If we decide to work together, you will send me your writing, which might be a complete or incomplete article, story, essay, chapter, or an entire book manuscript, depending on the project and the level of completion.


My fee is $50/hour for most tasks, including structural recommendations, research, developmental editing, line editing, and further conversations. In the case of a larger project—a book manuscript, for example—I will offer a quote based on word count and the amount of time I consider it will take to complete the project.


My Background

I have consulted for and taught writing courses for Vanderbilt University, Watkins College of Art & Design, the Government of Fiji, the U.S. Peace Corps, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Dupont/Dow Chemical, and several nonprofit organizations. I continue to teach writing courses in community settings.


Since 2003, I have lived and worked in Fiji, Ecuador, Mexico, and the United States. The Government of Fiji hired me to develop a 20-year youth development plan. Subsequently, they engaged me to research and create a spiritual and character development program, which I named “Seeds of Success,” for use by secondary schools, the Department of Labor, and mental hospitals—currently taught to several thousand individuals each year.


I am the published author of books, articles on education, personal essays, and poetry. Information about my publications appears on this web site.

For further information or to set a time for a telephone discussion, contact me at or 336-601-1050.

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