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I have read many books on spiritual truths, but none where the the tools for conscious awakening were illustrated with such creativity, simplicity, and humor. I have experienced a profound shift in the way I see life since reading this book.         Wendy Behr, Nashville TN

A beautiful book about the power and potency of living in the present moment. This book takes the young or adult reader into a playful and thought-provoking journey to the Self. I can't wait to read this book to my daughter in a few years!          Alicia Anderson, Indiana

Finally, a spiritual book with a light and joyful touch! It is pure delight - and it works. It's like having your own spiritual guru on the book shelf, ready to interact with you when you open its pages. If you'd like to access "the power of now," instead of just reading about it, visit the Isle of Is. The book is so wonderfully written that it addresses your level of spiritual development, wherever you may be.                        Kay Jensen, Columbus, Ohio

We know several youths, ages 11 to 19, who couldn't put the book down once they started it. Our family did the gratitude section together for Mother's Day. It was wonderful! This book deserves to be on the bestseller list.               John & May Wright, Melbourne, Australia

The Isle of Is: A Guide to Awakening

Set on a mythical island,The Isle of Is charts a journey of discovery where Spirit, Nature, and your intuition lead you ever deeper into a place of peace, joy, and connection to all things--the experience of awakening to who and what you really are.

The Isle of Is bridges the great religious traditions, tapping into ancient wisdom once reserved for a select few. Deep teachings on gratitude, compassion, life metaphors, and more go beyond what is offered in most modern-day texts. The book is magical, engaging your imagination, your senses, and your heart, as it is more than the mind that awakens.


Parables, real-life stories, and humorous characters provide spiritual material that families can explore together. It is also ideal for small-group study in community centers, living rooms, and retreat settings.

The Isle of Is, BOOK+CD, is available from the authors. Contact Caroline at

Originally priced at $22.00; available from the authors for $16.00.

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