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A Few Published Poems...

“Across Siberia.”  Morning Glory

“Gates of Paradise.” Cargo Literary

"Love and the Retired Admiral." Literary North

"O Beautiful," Mandala Journal, Echoes Issue, 2015. Also in The 64 Best Poets of 2018 (Black Mountain Press).

“Packing Wings.” Serving House Journal


"Passage in Three Chapters," Crack the Spine

"The Cypress Trees Left Standing." Schuylkill Valley Journal. Also in The 64 Best Poets of 2018 (Black Mountain Press).


“The Invitation.” Pennsylvania English


“The Lure.” Cumberland Poetry Review. Reprinted in The Unitarian Universalist Poets: A Contemporary Survey, Pudding House Publications

“The Pity.” Silk Road

"The Shoes Wanted to Speak." Poets Reading the News

“This Is a Photo of Me.” Pennsylvania English

Published Personal Essays

"The Routes of Escape."  The Pen Is Mightier than the Broom. Also, The Writer's Workshop personal essay award winner.

"Everywhere Is Home; Living in Fiji; The Sensual Rhythms of Native Life." 1st place winner, Transitions Abroad international essay contest

"The Fields at Arles." Common Boundary

"Lobbying from the Heart." Common Boundary


Available from
Main Street Rag Publishing Company
March 2022

Church at Mooring
       (Mooring, Tennessee, 1924 & 2000)

In the photo,
my mother is four, posing
on the Mississippi flood plain--
one-room church in the distance,
muddy river water lashing
its pilings.

Plump cheeks, snow-color
hair, sleeves of her wool coat
longer than her arms,
her head turned as though
a voice in the water calls
The currents could carry her
to the backwater where my father
will shatter her.

On a drive through West Tennessee
I've come across the church, its steeple
choked with ivy, a rusted
cotton stripper in the yard,
brambles rupturing a broken-down
pickup truck.

Here in Mooring, farm shack
and field where my mother chopped
cotton as a child--

--head turned,
lace-up shoes wet with mud.

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