Published Poems

“Across Siberia.”  Morning Glory


“All in Flames.”  Schuylkill Valley Journal


“Dear Libby.” Licking River Review


"Eight Bells." Two Hawks Quarterly


“Gates of Paradise.” Cargo Literary


“Holy Water.” Motif V4: Seeking Its Own Level, An Anthology of Writings about Water

"Hors D'Oeurves." Inlandia. Includes audio link.

"Love and the Retired Admiral." Literary North

"O Beautiful" selected for anthology, The 64 Best Poets of 2018 (Black Mountain Press.) Also, Mandela Journal (see link on right).

“On Earth.” Organs of Vision and Speech Magazine


“Packing Wings.” Serving House Journal


“Places Called Home.” Cargo Literary

“Rolling Stone.” Glassworks

“Salvador.” The Pen Is Mightier Than the Broom

"Suitcases." Heirlock Magazine

"The Cypress Trees Left Standing." Schuylkill Valley Journal. Also selected for anthology, The 64 Best Poets of 2018 (Black Mountain Press).


“The Invitation.” Pennsylvania English


“The Lure.” Cumberland Poetry Review. Reprinted in The Unitarian Universalist Poets: A Contemporary Survey, Pudding House Publications


"The Ice in the Eaves." Persimmon Tree

“The Pity.” Silk Road

"The Shoes Wanted to Speak." Poets Reading the News


“The Water.” The Pen Is Mightier Than the Broom

"The Weight of You." The Main Street Rag

“This Is a Photo of Me.” Pennsylvania English

"Two Virginias." Santa Fe Literary Review

“Welcome the Years.” The Broad River Review

"Visiting the Asylum." Schuylkill Valley Journal

Published Personal Essays

"The Routes of Escape."  The Pen Is Mightier than the Broom. Also, The Writer's Workshop personal essay award winner.

"Everywhere Is Home; Living in Fiji; The Sensual Rhythms of Native Life." 1st place winner, Transitions Abroad international essay contest

"The Fields at Arles." Common Boundary

"Lobbying from the Heart." Common Boundary


Furrows in the Fields

 My father's mother was Choctaw,

dark as the sorghum siphoned

from the cane, dark and raw

as a heart where love should have been.

. . .

Published in Heirlock Magazine, Issue 2,  Dec. 2019.

O Beautiful


. . . My country, my heart. Bold brave

flags we saluted each morning;

parades that made my mother cry. 

Still, on slow drives through Chicago . . .

Published in Mandala Journal, Echoes issue, 2015.

Passage in Three Chapters


. . . In your veins are cities, seasons,

prophecies not yet grown.

Take my hand, sweet; wind is certain . . .

Published in Crack the Spine, Issue 15, Fall 2016.